BGN 67 000 000

Total Cost of the Project

The new road in the section encompassed by LOT 1 has a total length of 31.4 kilometers. Its width is А-28 m, and the designed speed of travel is 120 kilometers per hour.

Large facilities: 22 pcs.

LOT 1 also includes the construction of 4 parking areas, 10 overpasses, 3 underpasses, 4 bridges, and 5 agricultural underpasses. Irrigation systems, water supply lines, and power lines were also reconstructed.

Works included:

Excavation  3,530,222 m3
Fill to Asphalt 3,597,781 m3
Asphalts 519,998 t

The site is part of Pan-European Transport Corridor ІV. Its implementation was co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the EU and the Bulgarian State Budget through Operational Program Transport 2007-2013.

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